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Grandpa What Did You Do in the War?

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34. The War of 1941 - 1945. My grandpa was a Soviet soldier and a POW

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Description Details "I wrote the book primarily for my kids and grandkids. Languages English. Don Ball - Author. Why is availability limited? Sign in Cancel. Add a card. Add a card Contact support Cancel. Send a private message to GrnBrt. Visit GrnBrt's homepage! Find More Posts by GrnBrt. Bong Song LZ English.

I was an Air Traffic Controller and had way too much time. My Airplane addiction replaced the other Hobby many were involved in. It looks like the T-bird, or possibly the Smoothie, been one hell of a long time since I have seen one.

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Got to LZ English a few times but it was different in my time then it was in '70!!!! The Ho Chi Minh trail was also a nice tourist stop but the accomentations really left a lot to be desired!!! The one place that I did get to a lot was the A-Shau valley, valley of death as we kept trying to put a base in there but was never really successful.

Oh well, long time ago!!!! I have a smoothie new in the box. A Dumas! By the time I got there someone decided they would keep it. Last year I found one on Ebay, so I bought it. I have a few control line planes but have not flown uc for a long time. Do you fly UC now? Veco kitted those planes prior to Dumas in the late 50's to the early 60's if memory serves me right and lately I have been having a lot of senior moments, ah getting older, what a joy!!!

Now that looks like a Ringmaster you're holding there, am I correct??? Had one of those in high school and flew the snot paste out of it with an old McCoy. Cal and they were plentiful for sure. Just a slightly different twist to this thread. One of my favourite rubber power models is an English publication date design called "Wattie". The story behind it as I heard it was that the designer had materials and built and flew the original in Normandy before evac in the early days of the WW2.

It is a pretty little model and is competitive when built right. Send a private message to probligo. Find More Posts by probligo. Originally posted by probligo Just a slightly different twist to this thread. Well hello there Probligo, good to see you here! I have never heard of that one and would love to see a picture of it if you could as I love obscure type of planes.

'What did you do after the war, Grandpa?'

I try hard to build something that no one else is doing at the moment but that's becoming a bit more difficult as kits are slim, time to get the old plans out I suppose. I do have an old KeilKraft Super 60 kind of sitting in the corner waiting for me to finish it. The engine for it was designed by my good friend Tony Cincotta in Australia and he only made a limited amount of them and they are a thing of beauty. It's a 2. Attached Thumbnails.

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This is not about war time model building, but it does involve an airplane, a Marine Stinson L When this happened we were in line for breakfast, with the line stretched across what looked like a road, but was really a dirt runway. We were right in the middle when an aircraft engine cranked up.

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We saw an L-5 warming up down at Div. We paid little attention. Then a voice yelled "aircraft on the way! A voice yelled "Make way, make way! As the line rejoined we watched the pilot roll that L-5 inverted, make a right turn to head toward a river, where he made another right turn to fly down river still inverted for a mile till he got opposite Division HDQ. Making another right turn he flew straight towards the General's tent at flagpole height! Directly over the General's tent he rolled right side up, banked hard left and flew down the valley to disappear behind a hill!

He got a big cheer from us! It was our own personal breadfast airshow! I'll bet no one told him that L-5s can't fly very long inverted or he wouldn't have done it.